About Us

Noble Scaregrounds, established in 2019, is the brainchild and passion of Matt and Elizabeth Achemire. Brought to life through this couple's mutual love for all things scary, with no shortage of help and support from their children, parents, siblings, in-laws (a few outlaws), and a host of amazing friends!

Elizabeth is a veteran of the United States Air Force (6 years active& 2 yearsAir NationalGuard).She holds a B.A. in Psychology and is a huge fan of all things macabre, odd, scary, horror, supernatural, etc. She is perhaps the biggest FREAK of them all!

Matt has almost 18 years of civil service under his belt working for the USAF. He is an amazing stage performer with over 30 years of experience entertaining. He REALLY enjoys torturing folks and is pretty good at building stuff and hiding bodies. (And building stuff to hide bodies)

Together they have over 15 years of experience in the haunt industry. They are the owners, operators, builders, designers, advertisers, etc. for Noble Scaregrounds. Their mission is to offer folks a fun, hopefully memorable experience while getting scared.

Matt and Elizabeth also find it extremely important to support their local community in any way they can: giving annual gifts to their local volunteer fire district, choosing to frequent local small businesses instead of national chains (for both personal and business needs), providing jobs and family (perhaps twisted) connections, attend/support local youth sports and performing arts events, etc. They encourage others to support local businesses in-person and/or through multiple social media avenues.

Noble Scaregrounds does not boast of being the “best” or “scariest” haunted house. These things are subjective and for you to decide individually. Once you've come to visit us, please leave a review on what you think. Compliments are always loved and appreciated.Honest, constructive criticism is also appreciated. Noble Scaregrounds wants to provide you the best experience we can!

One thing Matt and Elizabeth do know is that Noble Scaregrounds has an amazing cast and crew! They will give you their all every open night and then some. Believe us when we tell you, their "all" is A LOT. Some nights we wonder if they would benefit from a little time in therapy or just a lot of time in a straight jacket.
Noble Scaregrounds will be open in 2021, Fridays and Saturdays in October and Halloween Night!!!

We are ready for you!Are you ready for us?